Awareness, Awareness, Awareness!!!

The unique partnership between Community R.U.L.E. nonprofit and internet radio/social media marketing company, has introduced several partnerships, collaborations, sustained community awareness.  As technology continues to change, so does the way in which corporations and organizations will need to convey their message. According to an article by, “new digital technology has resulted in a change in the advertising landscape and how individuals receive their information”, i.e. social media and internet radio-based sites. Furthermore, the advantages of internet radio and social media advertising outweigh those of traditional print in terms of cost, audience and impact. has a unique way to deliver your message and information to this diverse, dynamic and ever-changing audience in the 21st century. The diverse internet radio site at reaches an audience ranging from seniors, business professionals, non-profit organizations, churches, and millennials.  The Community R.U.L.E. nonprofit and have instituted a capacity building model for other nonprofit organizations.