Community RULE nonprofit Programs

Mental Health Awareness

The Community RULE nonprofit has made it a priority to provide education, information, and awareness concerning all mental health issues plaguing our community. Executive Director, Lora Johnson-Henderson BA, MA infuses her 25 years of experience in the field of mental health to provide a continuous and palatable conversation to this culturally sensitive subject matter by hosting a weekly internet radio talk show, "Let's Talk About It" and speaking to groups at several community forums. Community RULE nonprofit is committed to making mental health a normal conversation.  

R.E.A.L. Project

The R.E.A.L. Project will train, teach, and facilitate entrepreneurial and business building skills to willing participants re-entering society after incarceration or aspiring entrepreneurs who lack the necessary financial resources to personally invest in this type of program. The module based training will be thorough and facilitated by selected successful business owners from the Indianapolis community to provide a real and cognitive perspective to the entrepreneurial experience.  


The Senior Computer Information, Literacy, and Learning Sessions (S.C.I.L.L.S.) is a community based program designed to address the need of computer competency skills for the fastest growing segment of our population which are citizen’s age 50 years-old and above. Only 22% of the African American population 65 years-old and above are utilizing the internet and information based technology. We provide the S.C.I.L.L.S.

Urban Autism Initiative


The Community RULE nonprofit and Autism Parent Care has created a unique partnership to provide ABA Therapy, Brain Mapping, Montessori Settings, Family Assistance, and other advanced services to low income residents in the Central Indiana area dealing with the everyday challenges of living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The recent ability for Autism Parent Care to accept Medicaid for their clients and the numerous low income families that Community RULE works with throughout the Indianapolis urban community has spawned this Initiative.  

Youth Programs

The internet radio and social media platform changes the learning environment of the classroom. The collaboration of audio transferred information and simultaneous visual and printed postings via social media intertwine verbal, written, and critical thinking skills. The research and fact finding tasks will demand that students understand the history and background on a particular person, place, or subject. Lastly, this educational curriculum will include proper and responsible use of social media.    

Community Free Give A Way

The Community Free Give A Way is a bi monthly community initiative that began in 2010 that concentrates on turning one mans trash into another mans treasure by giving families and individuals new and slightly used clothing, furniture, shoes, and other household items absolutely free of charge.