About Us

IUPUI Social Workers

Educating and empowering the entire community all of the time!

Community R.U.L.E. 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization was developed for the sole purpose of creating and implementing comprehensive reading and literacy programs by utilizing 21st century information age technology. We understand that at-risk youth, low income citizens, and many seniors should have an equal opportunity to learn and compete in the rapidly growing global economy. 

The mission of Community R.U.L.E. is to develop a knowledgeable community of competent citizens with the ability to consume information while meeting the challenges of living in a 21st century global society.

 A new educational model is needed; a model that embraces education as a living system and not a machine. With urgency, the survival of our nation depends on reaching and meeting the needs of this disenfranchised group. Education must connect the flow of self-knowledge, community and critical thinking. It is the nurturing of this union that breathes the spirit of education.      

Co Founder Harold Bell and Executive Director Lora Johnson-Henderson are ready to take nonprofits into the Information Age and ensure that the programs, resources, and awareness reaches the citizens that need this vital information.